As man is yet to invent the tool or system that doesn’t break it is necessary to carry out regular maintence regimes to help prolong the life of the system and hopefully keep repair costs down to a minimum.

Our engineers carry a full range of spares to help carry out repairs onsite. This includes spare floats, pumps, blowers, filters, belts, chains, rollers and bearings. If the system needs more extensive work then we can advise and quote for the work as necessary.

We offer a whole range of repair services some of which are:

  • Supply and fit new electrical control panels.
  • Repairs to broken pipes.
  • Supply and fit new pumps.
  • Removal and re-condition of your existing pump (where possible).
  • Replacing operational floats.
  • Repairing faulty non-return valves.
  • Supply and fit new guiderails.
  • Supply and fit new motor gearboxes.
  • Removal and re-wind of electrical motor gearboxes (where possible).
  • Replace worn bearings.
  • Fit new rollers for bio disc.
  • Replace snapped belts and cogs.
  • Fix or replace broken chains.
  • Supply and fit new air compressor blower pump.
  • Filter beds refurbished.
  • Tipping tray systems replaced.
  • Rota arm systems refurbished.
  • Re-bedding manhole covers and frame.
  • And much more please just contact us for a site visit for advice and a quotation of your individual repair needs.

Competitive Pricing

Jiggins Environmental always strives for cost efficiency without compromising on quality to ensure that our clients receive the best long term deal available. Jiggins Environmental ensures its prices remain highly competitive in the market and ensure that our clients are highly satisfied with the level of pricing and service they receive.